(Bean World) The role of black beans
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Date: 2018-12-25
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High protein and low calorie: The protein content of black beans is up to 36% to 40%, which is equivalent to twice the meat content, three times the eggs and twelve times the milk.

The role of black beans

1. High protein and low calorie: The protein content of black beans is up to 36% to 40%, which is equivalent to twice the meat content, three times the eggs and twelve times the milk. Black beans are rich in 18 kinds of amino acids, especially the eight amino acids required by the human body, which is higher than the advanced protein standards prescribed by the US FDA. Black beans contain 19% oil, 80% of which are unsaturated fatty acids, and the absorption rate is over 95%. In addition to meeting the body's demand for fat, it also has the effect of lowering blood cholesterol. Cholesterol is the chief culprit of many senile diseases, while black beans contain no cholesterol and contain only one phytosterol, which inhibits the body's absorption of cholesterol and lowers the blood cholesterol level. For the elderly, it can soften blood vessels and moisturize the skin to delay aging, especially for senile diseases such as hypertension, heart disease, liver and arteriosclerosis.

Second, enhance vitality: According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, beans are the valley of the kidney, black is water, water goes to the kidney, so black beans have more kidney function. People's aging is often manifested from the kidney function. If you want to prolong life, prevent old age and resist aging, enhance vitality and energy, you must first tonify the kidney. In Chinese medicine, black beans are used as medicine, and soybeans are not used in medicine, highlighting the function of black beans different from the special health care of soybeans.

Third, to prevent brain aging: black beans contain about 2% of the egg yolk, can brain and puzzle, to prevent the brain from being slow due to aging. Japanese scientists have found that there is also a substance in black beans that can enhance the function of brain cells. Black beans are rich in trace elements. Each hundred grams of black beans contains 370 mg of calcium, 577 mg of phosphorus, and 12 mg of iron. Others such as zinc, copper, magnesium, molybdenum, selenium and fluoride are included. Not low, these elements can meet the needs of the brain and delay the aging of the brain. It can reduce blood viscosity and keep your body function intact.

Fourth, beauty and beauty: Many ancient important pharmacopoeia records black beans can stay in the face, eyesight, black hair, make the skin white and tender; Song Dynasty writer Su Dongpo, once described the Jingcheng Liangliang court inside and outside, boys and girls for the beauty of taking black beans scene. The famous ancient beauty medicine Qibao Meidan, the main ingredient is black beans. Why do black beans help beauty and beauty? Because black beans are rich in vitamins, especially vitamin E and B vitamins, vitamin E is five to seven times higher than meat. Vitamin E is the best human body to maintain youthful bodybuilding and prolong life. .

V. Prevention of constipation: The content of crude fiber in black beans is up to 4%, which is much higher than that of soybeans. Crude cellulose has a good laxative effect. Constipation is a common problem among middle-aged and elderly people. Modern people's diet is too refined, so that crude fiber Too little intake, increased the burden on the intestines, prone to constipation, can cause acne bowel cancer. Eating black beans every day and increasing the amount of crude cellulose can effectively prevent constipation.

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