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Date: 2018-12-25
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Deciduous tree sea red beans, alias acacia, real red beans, acacia beans (seed red)Adenanthera pavonina: also known as "Acacia", "Acacia", "Peacock Bean". stamens 9, sessile sessile sessate;

Deciduous tree sea red beans, alias acacia, real red beans, acacia beans (seed red)

Adenanthera pavonina: also known as "Acacia", "Acacia", "Peacock Bean". Legumes. Deciduous trees. Flowers small, white or yellowish, into narrow racemes. When the pod is ripe, it bends and curls. The seeds are convex and bright red. Produced in the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka; also seen in Guangdong, Hainan, Guangxi, Yunnan and the eastern Himalayas. The wood is hard and the heartwood texture is slightly thicker and resistant to water and humidity. For excellent shipbuilding materials, it can also be used for construction, furniture, butts and other materials. The seeds are bright red, crystal clear like coral, and southerners often use inlaid ornaments. Winding vines. Stems clustered, slender, old stem dark brown, slightly woody, young branches green, surface sparsely attached to fine bristles. Leaves alternate, even pinnately compound, leaf blade pubescent; leaflets 8–20 pairs, shortly stalked, small blade suborbicular to obovate, 5–20 mm long, 2.5–8 mm wide, apex obtuse, apex, The base is broadly wedge-shaped or rounded, with an entire rim, glabrous on the top, and the lower abundance of the bristles. The leaves are often easy to fall. Racemes axillary, inflorescence axils short, flowers small, pubescent, sessile, sessate sessate sessate sessate sessate sessate sessate sessate Claws, lobes and keel stenosis; stamens 9, sessile sessile sessate; ovate sessate, broadly sessate, sessate, sessate, sessate. The pods are yellow-green, rectangular to oblong, leathery, with short apex at the apex, white bristles on the surface, 1 to 6 seeds, elliptic, upper red, umbilical part of the base near black, shiny. Flowering period from March to May, fruiting period from May to June.

Growing in hilly or mountainous areas, in the roadside shrubs, often cultivated next to the village. Distributed in Fujian, Taiwan, Guangdong, Guangxi, and Yunnan. The root of the plant (Acacia root), stem and leaf (Acacia vine) are also used for medicinal purposes.

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