(Bean World) How to drive without being tired
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Date: 2018-12-05
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Neck and shoulder such as needle tinglingReason: When driving, the neck and shoulders are always in a state of tension.

Neck and shoulder such as needle tingling

Reason: When driving, the neck and shoulders are always in a state of tension. The load on the whole vertebral body will increase accordingly, which will easily lead to muscle spasm in the neck, which will prevent the cervical intervertebral joint from maintaining a normal position, which will cause cervical dislocation, oppression of the nerve, and the appearance of the head. Cervical spondylosis symptoms of pain in the shoulders, upper limbs, etc. Especially for short-sleeved drivers, if the seat is not adjusted to a comfortable position, the head will be slightly extended in order to see the road condition, which will make the cervical vertebrae load more, and the neck will gradually appear lesions.

Solution: The seat should be adjusted to a position that suits you. When you are driving, you are in a comfortable state. You can see the situation without looking at the front. In addition, it can strengthen the daily exercise of the neck and shoulders, such as bowing, head reclining, slowly turning left and right, similar to the "meter" shape of the movement, but also shrug. Choosing a lower, harder pillow is also an effective mitigation method.

The ankle is sour and soft

Reason: The main reason is that when the manual car is opened, the ankle is in a relatively tight state. Frequently stepping on the clutch's left foot is relatively more tiring, especially when driving a manual vehicle, when the road is blocked, it often shifts and stops, which will cause the ankle to become sour. Some of the beauty women like to drive in high heels, in addition to being unsafe, the damage to the ankle is also great.

Solution: The left foot should be leveled as far as possible without shifting, and the parking space can be rotated to the ankle. When driving, it is best to wear a pair of comfortable flat shoes.

Waist pain in the waist

Cause: When driving, it will accelerate the strain of the intervertebral disc, facet joints and ligaments, and because of the same action repeatedly, it is easy to cause muscles, especially the back muscles to fatigue, resulting in lower back pain.

Solution: Try to avoid repeated bending and twisting and drive for a long time. Car seats are generally concave and cannot hold up the waist, so a suitable lumbar support can be fitted to reduce the discomfort. If you feel a pain in your waist while driving, park your car in a safe place and get off the bus.

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